Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair

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There are times when I feel like speaking and emotions are irrelevant…but ….all I have most times were my thoughts and the emotions behind them

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Predestined? Or did I fall into it because I was pre-exposed. Is there a difference?

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Sometimes I get drunk and say things…I meant it. Just was bold enough to say it before

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one day ill sit atop the highest cliff,   i will be arm to arm with my lover and friend,  we will separate the  air in front of us   into our two pairs of lungs , the highest of air.  nothing will exist but what is around us, and the warm blood in our arms will flow innocently to our hands and hearts. i can’t wait for this day, and i know it will come. 

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People find things that they admire and adore and exploit them for their own selfish needs.


Pretty flower
Let it live.

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